FACES (Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation) is a growing interfaith project in Luton that is committed to challenging Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We are a small group of Christians and Muslims who began meeting in 2016, and are seeking to partner with other faith groups in the future. You can find out more about who we are, our aims and the work we have done so far at our website www.faces.org.uk

We believe that local faith communities are a key part of tackling abuse. By answering this short survey, you are helping us understand the perspectives of local people, and what we can do to better support them in preventing and responding to child sexual exploitation.

This survey is aimed at those aged 18 or over, who live in Luton and consider themselves to be part of a local faith community.

The survey consists of 20 questions, and should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Taking part is voluntary and you can stop at any time. Your answers are anonymous.

Thank you very much for your time.

Tanvir Munir, Peter Adams, Sujel Miah, Lucie Shuker, Rehana Faisal and Tony Thompson

(On Behalf of FACEs)

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Do you live in Luton? *

What age are you?

What is your religion?


What is your ethnic group? Choose one option that best describes your ethnic group or background

Would you consider yourself part of a local faith community, for example a mosque, church or other group?

If you are a parent, how many children do you have under the age of 18?

Have you heard of 'child sexual exploitation' before?

If yes, where have you heard about it?

Please choose the statement you most agree with

How concerned are you that cases of CSE could occur in the local area?

Please choose a response to each of the following questions

Sexual exploitation only happens to girls

In most cases of CSE, the child/young person is in part responsible

Groups of adult men are the main perpetrators of sexual exploitation

Sexually exploited children mainly come from 'broken' or dysfunctional families

In most cases parents/carers are in part responsible for the sexual exploitation of their child

The majority of sexually exploited children live in care

How do you think CSE is treated by society in the UK?

From which ethnic group do you think child sexual exploitation perpetrators are more likely to be from?

Please answer the follwing.

Do you think primary schools should be educating children on CSE?

Do you think secondary schools should be educating children on CSE?

Do you think schools should be educating parents on CSE?

If your child’s school was providing a presentation on the signs of CSE, would you attend?

If your faith community was providing a presentation on the signs of CSE, would you attend?

Where would you first go to for support and advice if you had concerns about your child being sexually exploited?

Which of the following might prevent you from seeking advice and support if you were concerned about a child in your family being sexually exploited

What should the role of local faith communities be in tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE)?

Thank you very much for taking part in this survey.

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